Too successfully over winter your cold hardy palm tree just follow the step by step directions below.

1.Loosely tie all your fronds together with string to stand straight up. Feed with a good granular Fertilizer such as Scotts or Peters high in nitrogen 10-5-5.

2. Insert your 4 T post into the ground about 2’ away from the trunk. Place a thick layer of mulch at the bottom as high as you can get it without going past the post. Place an outdoor 100 watt flood light at the bottom makes sure it doesn’t lay in the mulch or touch the plastic. Bring the wire outside the cage so it can be plugged in if the outside temps go below -0. Secure a ½ “or ¾” pipe bent to go over the plant and secure both sides to the T post so the top does not collapse from snow weight. Then place your wire mesh material against the post and secure with zip strips or tie wire make sure to go over the top of the plant with the mesh material.

3. Wrap the entire cage with 6 mil clear plastic securing the plastic with string, zip strips or both. Making sure there is no way for a strong wind to catch an edge and rip the plastic off during a storm. Going around the cage several times with string generally works well starting at the bottom going to the top and over the top.

This process has been working for many years for us so it should work for you.
Protecting your plant will assure many years of healthy enjoyment in your own tropical paradise.